The SIA “Dziedrs” builders team learned their trade in the early seventies of the previous century while working in the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum. We examined the methodology of constructing wood buildings while disassembling on location, then restoring and reassembling them in the museum. The examination during these processes allowed us to understand the benefits and weak points of these very practical buildings. This has been an invaluable education for our future work in building new wood homes. The Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum has many, many types of wood buildings. It is an invaluable source for architects and builders.

In the Ethnographic Open Air Museum SIA “Dziedrs” has reconstructed such unique buildings as the wings and gallery Pakalnu windmill, the complex of the new farms from the 1920s, the stockyard from Kurzeme and the Rizga threshing barn. The experience of many years has been very valuable in building and restoring homes for many people in various regions of Latvia.