Want to build a house?

How to begin?


A person, who has chosen to live in a log home, has made an ecological decision to live in harmony with nature and his surroundings. So as not to disturb this desirable balance, he must then decide on the most appropriate builder who will fulfill the customer’s expectations. Log homes are such specific buildings that they should not be entrusted to beginners. If an architect is chosen who is not experienced in log homes, he should work in tandem with an experienced log home builder. In choosing a builder, the customer should examine homes already built by this builder. He should also have an opportunity to discuss the experience and satisfaction level of previous customers. Likewise, the customer must make certain that the builder is qualified for the specific building project, that he is a member of the LAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, that he employs certified journeymen and master builders. Such documents guarantee that the builder can be relied upon. After the designer and the builder have been selected, the customer must choose the type of logs that will be used – round or flat on two sides. The corner joints must also be chosen: cross, saddle, swallowtail or some other type.


The next step – the architect offers sketches of possibilities and the builder provides estimates. If the customer is satisfied, the architect continues the design process. When that is finished, the builder calculates exact costs, the side’s sign a contact and construction starts.



It is suggested that a builder should be chosen who can execute all construction work from laying the footings to providing the key to the finished home. Only the builders of log homes know all the details of building and living in log homes.

When the log home is finished, the builder and the customer must arrange for an inspection and overview schedule for three years, because during this time the logs are drying quickly, and the consequent settling process must be followed properly. This is especially important when vertical constructions are used.